Happy birthday Rubik's Cube!

An interactive Rubik's Cube to play with your computer mouse?
Well, this is the first thing we saw -and did!- today on the Internet, celebrating with Google its doodle for the 40 years of Rubik's cube invention.

The famous 3D combination puzzle, created in 1974 in Hungary, has sold million of copies worldwide and it is considered to be as the top best selling toy of all times.

While it is based on algorithms and mathematics, this cube has managed to influence a great part of pop culture. As Wikipedia puts it: 'Many films and television shows have featured characters that solve Rubik's Cubes quickly to establish their high intelligence.'. Moreover, the patterns created by the colored combinations of the smaller cubes inspired many aspects of art and of course architecture.

One of the projects popped up in our minds is the ‘Puzzle Façade’, by spanish artist and designer Javier Lloret. The artist wanted to bring the experience of solving a rubik’s cube to the urban space, by turning a whole building into a gigantic rubik's cube via video projections and the interactive possibilities of arduino. You may read more here*.

Enjoy the video and honor the beloved cube by playing a little bit today -a think even your boss will understand!

*(via www.designboom.com ) (original post http://interactive.javierlloret.com/puzzlefacade/ )