o25 #Bookcase

The sky is cloudy and the mood is all about staying home and do some reading. For today we have chosen a couple of books that deal with interior design. Whether you are at work or at your house, take a look around you and try to create the best living space for your needs.

1) CITY INTERIORS, Architectural Houses

We wonder if our #bookcase would be different if our office was located in the countryside.
Well of course it wouldn't, at least not as different as the urban living space has been altered throughout the years.

From contemporary urban refuges to multi functional lofts, this book picks and showcases examples of interiors, in order to underline the nowadays experimentation in styles, textures, lights and space distribution. But first and foremost i is oriented in the one basic need; the design of what is truly necessary from a living space in the city.

ISBN: 8496429199


One of the biggest and most interesting architecture challenges is definitely the creation of a contemporary urban living space with exclusive design and fine solutions for both rest and leisure.
From attics to lofts and from mini-studios to family apartments, this book is a great source of ideas for the contemporary urban living space. The best feature is that the volume includes lots of illustrations which showcase the materials, the techniques and the designing concept behind the projects.

ISBN 978-3-8331-2353-5