The "Universe Mind"

by Nikolay Polissky

Have you ever wondered what a thought might look like traveling through your brain? In a recent installation in Moscow‘s Nikola-Lenivets park, media design firm Radugadesign animated the inner workings of the human brain with an innovative video projection. Universal Mind, a sculptural installation by artist Nikolay Polissky, serves as the immobile backdrop for the elaborate video mapping project. Over the course of nearly eight minutes, Polissky’s brain-like sculpture explodes into a maelstrom of light and sound, with carefully curated streams of energetic colour interspersed with dark scenes of manufactured glimmering starlight.

Music: Murcof - Death of a Forest, Welcome to Versailles.
Art director: Stas Chepurnov
Creative director: Ivan Nefedkin
3D-modelling: Evgeniy Bespalko, Dmitry Sakhtyorov
Motion design: Artemy Perevertin
Project technical director, DMX light programming: Alexey Yepishev
Head of the working group: Mikhail Kabatov
Video mapping: Ekaterina Danilova
Producer: Vera Malysheva