Apartment Building in Neoi Epivates

  • front view
  • sketch
  • 3d section
  • side view
  • interior
wet paint
1 200 m²
Neoi Epivates, Thessaloniki
September, 2015
Neoi Epivates

The apartment building is located in the coastal road of Neoi Epivates, a small town near Thessaloniki. The design had to be something different from all other apartment buildings in the area, since it could serve as a landmark of Neoi Epivates. Four levels with a roof garden compromise the main volume of the structure. Additionally, there are outdoor gardens and parking spaces for the needs of the inhabitants. Each level is slightly bigger than the one below it, thus forming a big white sloped-faced volume. Grey walls and wooden suspended ceilings complete the scenery. Furthermore, trees and bushes are planted in places so as to form the entrance, to enclosue the garden etc. Last but not least, each apartment is designed with dark-surfaced floors and furniture, creating a unique and modern feeling of a suite.