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3 000 m²
December, 2016
Multifunctional Space
Private Owner

The building forms part of a complex, located in the industrial zone of the City of Peristeri. The project concerns the renovation and reuse of an old warehouse as a multifunctional space.

Regarding the function, the goal was to create a single space divided into zones: restaurant-café, seating area etc. with the ability to be modified in order to host different events (musical & artistic events, exhibitions, gatherings etc).

The architectural challenge is the alteration of the buildings’ character. A warm and illuminated space had to be designed, that would not resemble the buildings’ previous use at all. Apart from the large openings on the façade, large skylights are installed on the roof, allowing natural light to enter and making the bulk of the roof looks “lighter”. The volumes created for the different functional needs follow clean lines and strict geometry.

In the center lies the restaurant with the café and the salad bar, while the seating areas are spread around it. Due to the large height and in order to improve the buildings’ acoustics, the roof is covered with a sound absorbing suspended ceiling. In order to install it, a special structure was created to avoid central vertical supports and to incorporate it to the building geometry. The space is dominated by white colour and combined with the coating materials on the walls and floor, contribute to the creation of an illuminated and pleasant environment.