amass modular branch system by benjamin hubert

Based on the controlled randomness found in nature and the building blocks of life, UK designer benjamin hubert has designed the branch structure ‘amass’. comprised of three simple modules that can be assembled en masse, the collective pieces define a space, without creating a visual barrier. 46,000 modules were installed to form a 200m2 auditorium for the london design festival tradeshow 100% design, a key destination for visitors and exhibitors during the september event. the geometry applied to ‘amass’, allows for a varying of thickness and corners that join to form 3D structures. each year, trade shows reportedly generate more than 600,000 tonnes of waste, most of which comes from the exhibition design and structure. with this in mind, amass can be re-used after the exhibition. the modular format of the product enables the same components to be re-assembled in any context or space where events are held. in addition, the pieces are injection-moulded polypropylene and entirely recyclable, reducing the overall carbon footprint. following 100% design, ‘amass’ will also be available as a dividing system for commercial and soft contract interiors, where it can easily be scaled to suit projects, from 1m2 to over 100m2.