DHUB. Barcelona Design Center / MBM Arquitectes

The entire project involves a high degree of environmental quality, sustainability and energy efficiency. The most important features are: passive sustainability (70% of the built volume is buried, materials and structure of the facades and windows, storage and waste treatment, pre-engineered systems, shading and insulation, etc. within the criteria of distinctive Environmental Quality Assurance of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the EU Ecolabel), sanitation (separation system to reuse rainwater, etc), plumbing (minimum consumption and flow regulation, etc), air conditioning (network connection to Disticlima for hot and cold water supply, heat recovery from refrigeration plants, natural gas boilers, free cooling when outdoor conditions permit, latent heat recovery on the exhaust air, variable air conditioners, etc), electricity (on consumption, detectors, photovoltaic panels for direct use of solar energy, etc), central management of all facilities.

The Institut Catala d’Energia (ICAEN) has given the building the energy rating A. It deserves its own chapter due to its compositional, urban and functional importance. We should indicate its participation in the design of a quality public space, with the possibility of opening a facade that makes the basement space comfortable, the revitalization of the entire sector by offering a leisure area nearby with a space that shows some aspects of design.