Editing the Essay

hi this is Vic at fat envelope dummy and in this video I want to talk about how to edit a college admissions essay so let’s start with some basic principles first of all after you finish to draft take some time away don’t don’t try to edit the draft immediately take a week or so before you come back to it just clear your head and look at it from a fresh perspective the other thing is be honest and receptive constructive criticism is always a good thing you only get one shot at this so really make it count be willing to take criticism when it’s going to help you out the other thing is some overall impressions so what is the essay about you know this these are questions that you need to ask yourself and have other people answer for you the other thing is what are some of the best and worst parts about the essay the third thing is what does this essay tell the reader about who you are grammar and sentence structure is also very important you want to use active voice verbs whenever you can ask yourself if your sentence structure is very door do you loot use all longer or all short sentences it’s good to very things up a little do you transition effectively between paragraphs and thoughts do you paint a picture effectively and is every single sentence crucial to the essay this must must must be the case I cannot emphasize this enough you have limited words so use them wisely the other thing I want to talk a little bit about is uniqueness it’s important that your reader remember this essay it sticks out in their mind what are they going to remember so ask yourself that question could this essay have been written by anybody else is it just something generic or is it unique to you as a person and finally how would you fill in the following blank I would like to admit you to this university because we need more blank what is that that is the thing that your essay is supposed to answer if you can’t answer this question with your essay you need to make some changes so I hope this video has helped you understand the types of things you need to think about when editing your essay in the meantime to learn more about essays and call missions in general I recommend that if you haven’t done so get the free keys to success report at WWF at envelope you mean just sign up with your name email and grade level and you’ll get the instant download link email to you right away you’ll also be signed up for our free newsletter which features valuable tips about how to get into the college of your choice we’re never going to spam you we’re never going to share your email with anyone and you may unsubscribe at any time so there’s no cost and no commitment as always thank you so much for watching we really think that all of these resources will be very helpful to you and in the next video we’re going to be talking about SI pitfalls what are some of the mistakes that students often make when writing their essays so tune in for that and until then thanks so much for watching and best of luck in the admissions process