Live-work unit, at Unit 8 Ashby Mews, London SE4 1TB

South east London mews live-work unit granted approval today! It took just about four years, three planning applications and two appeals.

This project is about the restoration and reuse of an old barn in south east London. Until recently, the barn was used as a storage building. We redesigned it into a two-level artist studio and house. It is a live-work unit, with an industrial interior, designed to meet the owners expectations, to combine their workspace with their living quarters.

The building is located on Ashby Mews, between Upper Brockley road and Ashby road in south east London. It is situated within a conservation area. Care had to be taken in the design in order to comply with regulations for construction within this conservation area.

The new design, replaces the existing roof with a new zinc clad gable roof with skylights. The skylights enrich the interior with ample daylight. In order to accommodate two functional floors, the ground floor level was receded by 1,50m and the upper level elevated up to 1,5m off the original ground. The exterior existing shed doors were retained as openings with a view to Ashby Mews.

We are happy and proud to get the approval of such a delicate and composite project, within a conservation area, in south east London. Let the works begin!