The four stripes symbolize the uplift and unification of the four races of the Taiwan people that unified managed a peaceful and gradual “quiet revolution”. The revolution is obvious in four sectors: the economic achievements, the political achievements, the Social and the Cultural achievements.

These stripes, in order to intake the necessary functions were smoothly shaped in a way that reflects our sources of inspiration, simple images of everyday Taiwanese life such as the form of a leaf of tee or the curve of a fishing boat.

The four stripes are merged on top to reflect the “Taiwan Spirit”.

The ground is organized with a grid derived from the site and the adjacent uses, a technique of manipulating the earth to produce architectonic forms. The folding surfaces are filled with volumes through a progress of searching the links detected in the site. The folding parameters are determined by the area, the functions and the necessity for accessibility, points of entry, private and public, the green areas and the view.

The tower with its organic form rises on 400m, to be the highest building of Taiwan. The glassed parts of the whole structure are orientated to the West so that the visitors harvest the view over the Dadu Mountain to the Taichung Harbor and the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan Tower will become the tallest building in Central Taiwan upon completion and the most important visual focus. Hence a strong image design for the tower will make it a natural gateway to Central Taiwan and give Taichung a unique charm.