Palácio da Alvorada _by Oscar Niemeyer

Palace of the Dawn is the official residence of the President of Brazil and designed, like the rest of the capital, by Oscar Niemeyer.The house quickly became an iconic piece of architecture of the modern movement of Brazil; the technological and cultural progress that the country embodies. Its elegant pillars symbolize the new capital and can also be seen in the flag and seal of Brasilia. The palace was one of the first buildings that were built in the new capital.Just like any other building designed by Niemeyer it is characterized by simplicity and modernity expressed by the curved shapes that define it. The observer gets the impression of a great glaskis, thanks to the support of the columns supporting the structure. The architect chose a special combination of marble, glass and water as decoration; the marble suggests a certain lightness, as if the building could be lifted of the ground. The symmetrical shapes and the glass facade are reflected in the water perfectly making the building look higher than it actually is.The building has an area of 7 000 square meters and three floors: basement, ground floor and second floor. The basement is occupied by an auditorium, laundry, medical center and administration. The receptions take place on the ground floor. The second floor contains the official residence with six apartments and other private rooms. The palace has also adopted a library, a heated swimming pool of Olympic dimensions, a music room and two dining halls. Adjacent buildings shelter the palace chapel and heliport.