2011 House In Pikermi ( 2 ) – Space Planning And Landscape Design – Athens

  • Stateon drawing board
  • Ownerprivate owner
  • Size370 m2
  • Locationpikermi

The project is about an existing house near completion, whose owner wanted us to internally redesign it and propose a landscape design by demolishing as little as possible. The house consists of three floors and a loft. The floors are divided into the basement, where the garage and a self contained flat is, the ground floor with the living room, dining room and kitchen and the upper floor with two good-sized bedrooms. The internal layout of the house was redesigned and the space became more functional and user-friendly. The facades also needed a lift and therefore we proposed a second skin, that would be applied around the building and would also control ventilation and sunlight.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.