• Stateon drawing board
  • OwnerPrivate
  • Size350 m2
  • LocationOrtansias Street, Thessaloniki, Greece

This apartment building is located in the municipality of Thermi on the east side of Thessaloniki. The building consists of three levels and a roof garden.
On the basement there are three small apartments each consisting of a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen and a courtyard. While ascending, the apartments get wider, each having a loft and a balcony at its disposal. Finally, on the roof there is a smaller apartment which enjoys the exclusive use of roof garden. Each flat has three bedrooms, living room, bathroom, WC, while the apartment on the roof, as well as the apartments on the basement are developed on an open space plan.
This design makes full use of the space provided in this plot. That said, all the apartments are expanding in height, in order to create comfortable space for the users.

Clear geometry on facades reflects the separated apartments that are being characterized by simple lines. Every single house is separated visually with vertically traces.