Apartment in Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Statebuilt
  • OwnerPrivate
  • Size75 m2

Located next to the most representative area of Thessaloniki, this project concerns the interior remodelling of an apartment considering the needs of a three member family. The apartment is situated on the 4th level of the building and there are balconies which offer views to the Nea Paralia of Thessaloniki.

The main goal of the redesign was the spatial and functional re-adaptation in order to make use of the maximum floor area. According to this, most of the furniture in the new apartment is custom-made, providing plenty of storage space while it cooperates with the apartment plan.  Also, OFFICE25ARCHITECTS designed an open living room and kitchen so we used wooden blinds to create some space partitions.

Wooden and white surfaces in contrast with dark textures have been chosen in order for a welcoming and hospitable environment to be provided. The style is minimal white, brown and dark gray as the main colour palette.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.