• Stateon drawing board
  • OwnerPrivate
  • LocationThermi, Thessaloniki/ Greece

This project refers to two two-storey buildings and two houses with lofts, pilotis, common area on the roof and planted roofs, located in the area of Thermi, in Thessaloniki.  The area of ​​the plot is 1,850 sq.m. and the area of the total construction is 1066.36 sq.m.

The buildings are 9 meters high and are developed on 2 main levels plus the landing of the  staircase with a mainly used area. Specifically, on the ground floor of each building there is the
shared entrance and pilotis, on the first and second floor the buildings consist of housed apartments (10 in total) and at their ending an autonomous main living space. The detached houses are developed in ground floor, loft and main living space on the roof.
The  height of the buildings is set at + 9.00m. and the final  planting (on the ground floor and roof) at 854.97 sq.m. In the buildings and in the detached houses there are balconies with a total area of ​​440.31 square feet. On the ground floor of each building there is a shared entrance and staircase  for access to the apartments and floors. Its uncovered space  will be configured with environment – planting. In addition, 22 parking spaces are formed.

The architecture and geometry of the building is simple but special. Regarding volumes of the buildings, the basic design principle of follows the lines of the plot creating a natural curve both in plan and height. The goal was three buildings to be visually a unity, in which the horizontal lines formed by the balconies will stand out, while at the same time their outer wall of the construction is transformed in a way as a secondary element. Therefore there is a specific selection of white color for the handrail of the balconies, other details of the facade, an anthracite paint for the recesses, the exterior walls of the buildings and window frames. The roof as mentioned above is planted with low planting.



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