Cloth House In ERMOU ST Thessaloniki GREECE

  • Statebuilt
  • Ownerpapadopoulos
  • Size200 m2
  • LocationERMOU STREET

Papadopoulos family runs the Cloth House in Thessaloniki’s Ermou Street. The idea was to design a shop in black and white colours so as for the fabrics, which are colourful, to be emphasized. Unlike many fabric shops, where rolls are leaned deep against each other or stacked in unhelpfully precarious heaps, Cloth House – despite its large stock – has a layout that allows its fabrics, and its customers, to breathe. It is a three floor level shop and approximately 200sq.m. It has a British superior style which makes it difficult to be unnoticed.

cloth house_3.jpg

cloth house_2.jpg
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