COMPETITION “BLOCK 69/70- Life in between spaces” SALT LAKE CITY UTAH USA

  • Stateon drawing board
  • OwnerIA Utah Young Architects Forum, Downtown Alliance SixtyNine Seventy Task Force, Utah Heritage Foundation
  • LocationUTAH, United States

Our goal is to create a vibrant and friendly place that will be the catalyst for the city and its development. This is why we will give priority to the physical presence of people in the area and at the same time we wish to minimize the use of cars. Also, as the 69-70 are placed in the middle of the cultural heart of Salt Lake City, we want to strengthen their cultural role, by creating a visible network, something similar to what the neurons are for the human brain. This network will connect the main cultural centers of the area and will spread the cultural activities in the in-between areas of the blocks 69-70. We believe that our proposal integrates different functions, invites pedestrians and bikers to a safe place, with the expansion and the opening of the buildings’ functions to the outdoor spaces, and finally with careful and thorough planning, it will be able to concentrate urban activities, invite and cause the increase of people’s presence and time in the area. This is an area that provides rich experience and sustainability all over time. That ultimately is translated into life in between spaces of 69-70.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.