• Stateon drawing board
  • Size2700 m2

The project concerns the design of an office building for Dafora Company Medias, located in Medias, Romania. It consists of 5 levels: the ground floor which covers an area of 800 sq.m., the second, third and fourth floor of 500 sq.m. each and the fifth floor of 400sq.m. Moreover, an underground parking is designed in order to serve the needs of the employees, but there is also a small open air parking with a capacity of 16 places for the visitors. Bearing in mind that Dafora Company Medias is one of the greatest drilling companies in Romania and one of the most promising, we tried to design a building which would symbolize this strength. Furthermore, a dynamic and firm building was designed, to reinforce the feeling of security and stability to its employees and clients. The building is organized in two volumes, which are connected visually by the first floor. The first volume, which is comprised of the ground floor covers a much bigger area and constitutes the stable part of the company. The other volume, consisting of the second, third and fourth floor, suspends over the first volume and symbolizes the vision of the company and its dreams for the future. With its modern design and the quality of the materials, such as stone and marble, this structure justifies its role as a “flagship” building, for the Dafora Company Medias.


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