• Stateunder construction
  • OwnerFamous Shoes
  • Size85 m2
  • LocationLarnaca, Cyprus

The project is about the Famous Shoes store at the new Metropolis Mall, located in Larnaca, Cyprus. The store consists of two areas, the public one where everyday activities occur, and a more private one at the back of the store, designed to meet the additional needs of the staff.

An open, easy circulated space was designed, for people to be able to find effortlessly what they are looking for. To this contributed our intention to design custom-made furniture which, at the same time, will radiate the quality and finesse of Famous Shoes products. More specifically one can find a sitting area in the center of the front space defined by four small cubes and surrounded by exhibit and storage furnishing, and the cashier desk as well.

Simple lines and geometry, define our overall proposal. The dominant colors are red, white and dark grey, found on the ceiling, the products’ stands, the sitting cubes, the floor and the cashier desk.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.