• Stateon drawing board
  • Ownerprivate owner
  • Size250 m2
  • LocationHalkidiki, Greece

The house includes 3 bedrooms, 1 guest room and a living room, kitchen, utility rooms, a family living room, even a boathouse.
The living room leads to aswimming pool that overlooks the sea and mount Olympous The rest of the garden is equipped with sitting areas, a barbeque, parking lots, loan areas and an orchard.

The location and the nature of the property ensure a special kind of privacy. In fact, it is located among high greenery, 2,50m higher than the beach level. Though the residence is adjacent to other properties, its obvious separation from them, helps th user to feel both safe and isolated at the same time. The nature itself of both residence and site offer several solutions to safety requirements.

In terms of Achitecture, Basic shaped and plain volumes that are true to modern values, incorporated with extended use of local stone and timber, as reference to the regional architecture. The selection of building materials, the shutters, the orientation of the volume, plus an integrating system for both heating the house and the water add to the sustainable value of the residence. A combination of luxury and simplicity placed in an impeccable landscape.

mola kalyva 05.jpg

mola kalyva 04.jpg
Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.