• Statedesign completed
  • OwnerKaramichail Constructions
  • Size200 m2

This housing complex is located in the the Municipality of Kassandra, on the farm site of Hanioti. The complex is consisted of four houses with attics, swimming pools, and private parking, fencing the farm site.The houses belong to the same morphological category,  organized on three levels, basement, ground floor and attic. Starting from the lowest level, the basement hosts two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a storage area. On the ground floor there are the living areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, a wc, whereas the private area – bedroom with its private bathroom – is to be found in the attic. On the ground floor the access is via the configured entrance with two parking spaces and entrance for the pedestrians. There are two ways to enter the house from the parking lot. For the  houses 03 and 04, the entry is carried out through outdoor stairwells, while for 01 and 02, through two sloping routes.  In the surrounding area around the houses there are pergolas that serve to shade the living and relaxing areas and the
swimming pools.

The architecture and geometry of the houses is simple. The houses 01 and 02 are connected with the houses 03 and 04 via a semi-outdoor space. Τhe basic design principle of the house is its organization morphologically and functionally in two rectangular volumes, placed in height and with vertical layout. The lower volume accommodates the living spaces, the upper volume the
sleeping areas. Large windows were chosen for the south elevation, while the north face has limited openings, design principle that contributes, in combination with the shelters, to the bioclimatic approach of the design.

The color pallete is chosen through the materiality of special constructions such as wooden blinds sun protection, glass and frames or other metal structures coloured in anthracite. It is also located in the northern part of the houses and on the ground floor level, a cement-faced wall, with vertical openings contributes to higher level of privacy and acts as a divider between the homes and its entrances. In general, white dominates while anthracite was chosen for details such as recesses / semi-outdoor and aluminum frames.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.