• Statedesign completed
  • OwnerKrinellia Organics
  • LocationKalloni, Lesvos

The project is about a small industrial building in Krinellia position, located near Kalloni, in Lesvos island. The building will house the processing of local herbs and spices, an activity that has flourished in the area for hundreds of years. With this in mind, our primary intention was the balance between contemporary and traditional architecture.

So, we designed a building with metal static load carrier and elements of reinforced concrete, surrounded by a second skin of local stones, a symbolic gesture to show how the new building emerges from the old one. The building itself consists of three volumes. The main one, defined by its gabled roof, houses the packaging, the retail shop, the testing and workshop areas and the new offices of the company, while the other two volumes have the dryer room and the storage areas.

In an effort to reduce its energy footprint and meet the future needs of the building, we tried to ensure its sustainable character through the rain water collection and the use of solar panels.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.