• Stateon drawing board
  • OwnerPRIVATE
  • Size440 m2
  • LocationThermi, Thessaloniki

This project is about a two-story mixed use building in Thermi, near Thessaloniki, Greece. Commercial use takes place on the ground floor, while each of the two stores has a loft at its disposal. Workspaces are located on the first floor, while at the end of the roof lies a small living area with a bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Architecture and geometry of this building is simple. The building adapts to the boundaries of the plot, while parts of its volume are being subtracted to create green spaces, which are ultimately surrounded by a shell with horizontal blinds, thus protecting the most private uses of workspaces and the living area from both the intense sun and the publicity of road. A canopy on ground floor’s entrance creates semi-outdoors space for the stores to use, giving a more public and welcoming character to the building. As for the green roof of the building, two openings are created on it in allowing lighting and ventilation of first’s floor semi-outdoor spaces. In terms of colors, white dominates while anthracite was chosen for details such as aluminum frames.