• Statebuilt
  • Size35 m2
  • LocationATHENS

On this project Office 25 Architects was assigned to redesign the reception of the headquarters of Accenture company, in Athens. Accenture is a major multinational services company that has offices in countries around the world, including Greece.

The team wanted to create a design that would fit the prestige of this international company and created a minimal, yet elegant design.  In terms of floor plan, the design is simple since the main goal was to create easier circulation for better function of the stuff and customer service. The dominant color of the reception space is white in order to give a sense of a more spacious room. However, have been placed some dynamic elements such as the stone volumes, the hanging wooden louvers on the ceiling and the vertical garden which are inspired from nature. The shelves near the entrance are comply with the company’s brand sign, since they embrace the same shape and colors. The main materials, which are used and characterize the space, are natural, such as wood, white marble, Corian and moss. The design of reception promote the modern attitude of the company and improve the whole image of the building. Besides the reception, the client invited us to work on the interior design of the basement and the dining room.



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