nova gea juice

  • Statedesign completed
  • LocationPlaka, Athens

In the heart of the Plaka region, on the corner of Bachus and Byronos street and within 80 sq.m. the meaning of the greek “plaza-courtyard” is revived with elements such as wooden tree trunks and curved volumes of the Aegean architecture with their characteristic curved separators, and the displays that function as windows. The concept of “NOVAGEA” is the creation of a fresh juice bar with a combination of elements originating from the earth, nature and tradition. The goal of this combination is to arouse senses such as vision, touch, smell, taste. The wooden logs and the greek white marble, in its original form, comprise the basic design element and intensify the sense of touch with their material’s rough surface. The fruits and vegetables – produce of the greek earth – rich in flavour and colour and the beneficial herbs with their aroma complete the scenery of the “courtyard” escalating the sense of sight, smell and taste. This rich and colourful world is balanced due to the use of wood on the ceiling and white colour in the rest of the space, materials that complement the colour palette. The curvature of the white separation elements is continued on the ceiling in the form of wooden beams, creating a hospitable space that invites you to enjoy your juice in the plaza of your neighborhood. Movable elements of the scene, the impressive ceramic colourful fruits with a hint towards the human scale, stand amongst the visitors making their presence known. “ΝOVAGEA” is nothing more than a stage that was set to recall beautiful pictures of the greek tradition combining them with the greek nature and the earth that so generously offers us her fruits and flavours.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.