• Statebuilt
  • OwnerPrivate
  • Size370 m2
  • LocationThessaloniki, Greece

The project is to redesign, refurbish and re-organize an existing residence in Kardia community of the Thermi municipality in Thessaloniki.
The new redesigned house is located in an extended olive grove, which creates a unique background, while it is developed on 2 stories, basement and roof, which in some spaces allows bigger internal height. Additionally there is a garden area with barbeque and sunken seating area situated in the right space of the building. The entrance to the house through the olive trees creates a rustic atmosphere contrasting  the minimal and clear design of the building intelligently.

The new design of OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS emphasizes in a dynamic and contemporary architectural style, respecting the existing situation of the building.
The main purpose of this project  was to create one up to date and functional house with high aesthetic standards able to cover the needs of the users.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.