A house in Ierapetra, Crete

  • Statebuilt
  • OwnerPrivate owner
  • Size200 m2
  • LocationCrete

Our assignment for this project was to change the exterior face of this already existing private residence by changing its shape and adding new volumes to it and also to propose new minimal interior design suggestions to the owner.
The residence is located on the country road between Ierapetra and Agios Nikolaos. At the ground floor of the residence we have attached a two-floor structure that is being separated through the use of an expansion joint. Simultaneously, the whole building is being reconstructed so as to form clear volumes and levels. The main idea is the design of a raised from the ground volume to give the impression that the building is floating. The master and child’s bedroom have their own private bathrooms. Mirrors in the master bedroom give the impression of a larger area and warm colors are appropriate for the child’s bedroom.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.