Retail and Apartment Building in Pylea THESSALONIKI GREECE

  • Stateon drawing board
  • Ownerwitheld
  • Size740 m2
  • LocationPylea

This is a small sized, mixed use (retail / apartments) building in Pylea, Thessaloniki. The plot is situated on a major axis connecting the eastern suburbs of Thessaloniki with Pylea and Panorama two of the best satellite urban areas of the city. The area offers views to the city and the sea as it is located in higher grounds. We designed a building that is transparent on the ground floor and has a passage that leads to the back side of the site, where there is a private parking space for 8 cars and a maneuvering space to unload goods. The two apartment stories are disconnected from the shop through the use of a 80cm “neck”, creating a floating effect. Aluminum shaders, white color, glass, and greenery are the substances to support the architecture. Simple “doric” lines and volumes and absence of decorative elements complete the concept.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.