Summer Houses in Parthenon, Chalkidiki, Greece

  • Stateon drawing board
  • Ownerprivate owner
  • Size550 m2

It is a complex of five houses which are situated in a plot at the limits of the listed area of Parthenonas, a traditional village in a mountain over Marmaras port, Chalkidiki. Because of the uniqueness of the area there are certain regulations and restrictions on the use of materials and the design as well. The use of local stone and wood matches with the forest which surrounds the area. Semi-open areas have been created to offer resting spaces so that the residents could observe the sunset and the Aegean Sea. The living room is on the first floor on every house, where as the bedrooms are located on the ground floor. In this project we have been totally inspired by the unique beauty of Parthenonas.

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