• Statebuilt
  • OwnerPRIVATE
  • LocationCORFU, GREECE

When this project was entrusted to OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS, we found pre-existing concrete structures of three residential complexes, which were never completed. Our task was to work on them and to convert a project that originally provided holiday homes into a 4-star hotel complex.


This is were ‘Thalassa Suites’ originated. A hotel complex consisting of three autonomous separate buildings, with suites, developed in one or two levels, depending on their size. It is built on a very privileged plot, facing the sea, surrounded by dense vegetation and a private beach. We designed two large swimming pools which are connected by a small ‘river’ of water. Also, we designed the reception area, the restaurant, the beach bar and the landscaped surroundings.
Car parking is outside the resort area, on the eastern side of the plot, where the public road ends.
The three building complexes are located in the South, East and West. Among them runs a small river, which connects the two swimming pools, and follows the south – north axis. Around we designed are pergolas and sitting areas, umbrellas and sun loungers, so that many different staging and rest areas are created, as well as various points of interest, for the client to enjoy.
The southern building offers six ground floor suites and another six on the first floor. Each one has a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and, of course, the bathroom. They are designed to accommodate up to four people and all have views of the pools and the sea.
The eastern building has four suites on the ground floor, similar to those of the southern building. Five other suites are built on two levels, on the first floor and in the attic, which are designed with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room with a kitchenette to accommodate up to six guests. All suites overlook the swimming pools and the sea. At the northern end of the building, next to the pool and beach bar ‘Levantera’, the ‘Sharki’ restaurant is designed. The reception is found right next to it.
The western building has six suites on the ground floor and six other, that consist of two levels each, (first floor and attic), designed in the same principles as the previous ones. Here, too, all suites have views of the pools and the sea.


The ‘Levantera’ beach bar, located in the north-eastern part of the hotel. It is facing the west, and connects to the beach, the large swimming pool and the ‘Sharki Restaurant’. It is able to serve over 450 people at the same time, with umbrellas, sun loungers and outdoor seating.
The western part of the beach has been left without umbrellas and deck chairs in its natural form, as nature in this area is stunning, in order to making the visiting experience quite unique.


The Architecture, based on customer requirements and instructions, follows the local tradition to its basic and fundamental principals, without copying. The local, light-colored, irregular stone, the cement mortar on the columns that support the pergolas and the rough texture of the plaster on the exterior walls, are the predominant materials of construction. Roofs Boxed. Outside, we designed cement mortar flooring and deck floors for the sitting areas. We used light colours, in order to reflect the amazing Greek light.


Inside, light colors were also chosen for walls and floors. Large ceramic slabs on floors with minimal joints, wood and stone coverings on walls and lined ceilings have been chosen to be the background of the furnishings.
Each suite is equipped with everything that is necessary for the high quality customer service and for the completeness of the standards of quality and quality of hospitality we want to provide.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.