• Statedesign completed
  • OwnerPrivate
  • Size535 m2
  • LocationThermi, Thessaloniki, Greece

OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS designed a a three-story building with outdoor living area on the green roof as a main space.
The building has a main view on the Street of Eastern Thrace from where the pedestrian access is located additional to the vehicles in the pilotis and in the outdoor parking lots.

The architecture and geometry of the building is directly related to both the typology and the separation of compartments. The building is defined by orthogonal volumes which create a diversity in the facades. Pure geometric volumes are enriched with wood investments that emphasize perspective and depth, and blinds which in addition to morphological element offer shading to the apartments. The apartment building has 7 independent properties. On the ground floor lies the main entrance, the pilotis as well as 2 apartments with their independent entrance, following the morphology of the building. These two apartments have a loft in first floor combined with one more independent apartment. On the second floor of the buildings designed 3 apartments and on the planted roof lies an additional independent apartment.

White was chosen as the main colour of the complex, while anthracite was chosen for details such as recesses / semi-outdoors and
aluminum frames. The parapets of the balconies are made of  glass, while aluminum blinds were chosen in light gray color in selected areas.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.