Tokyo Fashion Museum – Proposal B

  • Stateon drawing board
  • LocationTokyo, Japan

The main design idea was based on the concept of window displaying, the final and foremost destination of all the beautiful pieces created by the fashion industry. Thus, there is a clear parallelism between the museum’s exhibition areas and the window displays of the best fashion houses of the world. Considering the fact that the main principal of the window displaying philosophy is that you only expose certain pieces that will intrigue the viewer and attract him to the inside, we designed an outer shell to cover or reveal certain parts of the building’s main core, which houses all the structure’s function and activities. Considering the plot’s small area, the entire museum’s circulation takes part vertically, through elevator shafts and a main root of escalators, revolving around the core allowing access to each exhibition level and simulating a pleasant stroll through fashion’s history, design and window displays.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.