Zaha HADID – (2009) – MAXXI Museum Art XXI (Roma – Italy) – Part.2

Part.2 – From the end of May 2010 we can visit the MAXXI Museum in its function of ART Container! In the “Part 1” of this Video we have visited the empty Museum! It introduced itself as piece of art! Today we can admire the structure in its full function! As already written,… Zaha Hadid [] has drawn walls that plough the space delineating fields of strength with fluid trajectories that cross the space, and there are the same intersection to define the circle among inside and outside. The structure has a complex and irregular form that corresponds to an inside articulation without clean division of plans and spaces: a composite environment characteristic from a high-level of functional flexibility in which the light plays a remarkable role in fact a coverage in glass floods of natural light all the spaces. We don’t find us of forehead to a journey to effect, but to an experience of trip in a complex net of connections and runs that through bridges and staircases they bring us “long” the three levels of the structure without ever returning on our footsteps and always discovering new roads. An architecture that opens a tear in the circuit of the time and they forces every of us to change our point of view, that is something that belongs much more to the cinema that to the architecture and the multiplicity of the visions, when everything is confuses and then everything returns clear, as in a film.
It’s the MAXXI [] the Modern Art Museum of XXI Century in Rome – Italy (41°55’41.67″N – 12°28’1.77″E). Info. Via Guido Reni,4 – Rome – Tel.06.3210181
Pritzker Prize 2004 []