• Statebuilt
  • OwnerGastronomos
  • Size130 m2
  • LocationAvenue Mall, Marousi / Greece

Gastronomos is a grocery store, which brings together fine products from all over Greece. Particularly Greek cuisine lovers enjoy and prefer Gastronomos’ products.

Our task was to design a store of the brand inside the Sklavenitis hypermarket,which is the largest retail group in Greece, in the Avenue shopping center, in Marousi, Athens. The Avenue shopping center consists of a variety of stores and restaurants, including the hypermarket of Sklavenitis.

An open, easy circulated space was designed, for people to be able to find effortlessly what they are looking for.  The pavilion is delimited from a metal structure. In the back side are placed the higher stacks and in the front sides some lower counters which form a border to the area of pavilion. In the middle of the store, a large counter is placed, where a range of products are on display. The surfaces that have been used in the pavilion are wooden in light brown and gray tones. The floor is also wooden, the wall has a cladding of white subway tiles and the ceiling is formed from hanging elements in white color. The combination of the materials, colors and the minimal design offer a space of high quality for clients.

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