• Statedesign completed
  • OwnerPRIVATE
  • Size580 m2
  • LocationThessaloniki, Greece

This apartment building is located in in the central area of Thermi. The project is about a three-story building, with parking slots in the pilotis, and a roof garden. The apartments are luxurious, spacious, bright and most importantly, they have large openings and large balconies. Regarding the volume of the building, it results through a direct connection with the function inside it, as the SE wing of the apartments is in retreat, in relation to the NW wing, following the slope of the street, and at the same time emphasizing the separation of the of apartments inside it. The location of the roof garden apartment, in the NW wing, gives it more height, emphasizing this relationship even more. Finally, the position of the stairwell is marked by placing louvers on the vertical axis.

In the residential building, white and gray coatings, glass, aluminum louvers in a natural oak look are used. The balconies of the main facade have wooden linings and false ceilings. Ceramic tiles in large dimensions are used on the floors of the common areas, while wide oak planks in their natural color and in long lengths are used in the rooms. In the bathrooms, large ceramic tiles are chosen. On the balconies, aluminum louvers with a wooden texture are placed in the appropriate positions, ensuring privacy and sun protection.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.