Competition FOR AN InfoBox Municipality of Chania Crete GREECE

  • Stateon drawing board
  • Size6 m2

The infobox is a cube of 2,45*2,45*2,45m (6 sq. m. cover) with a light crown of 2,45*2,45*0,50m on its top. The main idea of the composition is its sides’ decay and their rotation around the vertical axis. During opening hours the sides open and the cube’s interior is revealed . When the infobox doesn’t serve the public, its sides close and there is only a transparent surface for the information leaflets. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the top of the infobox to serve its electrical needs and provide it with energetic autonomy. The construction is light in order to be easily moved when it’s closed . For this reason, there are also wheels on its base. The materials used for the infobox are metal for the main body and wood for the sides. As a result, infobox is a flexible, autonomic and safe structure.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.