Iceland Trekking Cabins

  • Statedesign completed
  • OwnerBee Breeders
  • Size40 m2
  • LocationIceland

This architectural competition was organized by Bee Breeders along with CDS NORD Property Developers to promote trekking tourism in Iceland. The competition asked for the design of trekking cabins to be erected in the vast Icelandic uninhabited inland. The cabins had to provide safe lodging for a group of trekkers, with drinkable water and renewable energy sources. The cabins had to have all terrain installation capability in a region without roads. This called for compact and modulated design.

Our design approach focused on creating a compact module with a wide range of adaptability. The modules provided living/sleeping spaces, cooking and bathroom facilities, that could also be arranged in a double-storey setup. The cabins could be organized depending on the needs of the specific location by adding additional modules to increase living space.

The installation pipeline of these cabins started at the assembling factory where colours, layout and other customizable features were selected. The units would then be assembled and shipped via helicopter drop off to the site location. After fixing the modules to precast concrete piles in place, the cabins would be ready for use.

The cabin power came from integrated PV panels on the inclined roof that were covered by special reflective membrane that made the PVs appear white without affecting solar incidence.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.