INTERIOR DESIGN IN Villa Mendi Sani Halkidiki GREECE

  • Stateon drawing board
  • Size197 m2
  • LocationSANI

The site is located on the seaside of Sani village in Chalkidiki.
The house is composed of two main volumes, the one on the top of the other, and oriented towards the spectacular view to the sea. The basic volume is transformed in order to serve the design criteria, while, the upper volume is kept simple housing the master bedroom. It is actually designed to ‘frame’ the view. Pergolas and structural elements wrap around to create the elevations, balconies and external sitting spaces. The plan is organised in two zones, the private and the communal, with the entrance in the middle. The ground floor houses the living-room, the kitchen and two bedrooms, while the upper floor serves exclusively the master bedroom.

villa mendi interior_1.jpg

villa mendi interior_2.jpg
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