• Stateon drawing board
  • OwnerPrivate Owner
  • Size1950 m2
  • LocationLarissa, Greece

A new attraction for families with little kids has been designed in a shopping mall. It is a revival of a train play set. Suitable spaces with appropriate materials were proposed, taking into consideration even the younger children. The ceiling is a series of fabric fins that hang in patterns to create an illusion of the sky with clouds. Lights are situated between the fabric fins. The floor is a valley with a curving pathway that leads over hills and a pond. The columns are camouflaged as trees with branches leading into the clouds. Some of the trees hold tree-houses and are actually slides and castles. The playground is divided into zones with different activities for different ages. Siting areas are organised between the activities for the parents to relax while the children play, and to accomodate parties and gatherings. The concept was to create a magical place that excites children and parents alike while inciting children’s creativity and imagination.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.