the coolest NY workspace..

The Fueled Collective is a 18,000 square foot co-working office space in New York City’s posh SoHo neighborhood.
The Collective was started by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner as a new business to complement the company’s lucrative app development firm, Fueled.
Chawla has been involved with the tech industry since 2004. His primary company, Fueled, makes gorgeous apps for heavyweight companies like Porsche, Ducati, Proctor & Gamble, Hallmark, and the Chicago Bulls, to name a few.
Chawla envisions The Collective as a place where his company can work alongside like-minded startups to further collaboration and community. He spared no expense designing and hand-crafting many of The Collective’s staple pieces.
What has resulted is an extremely luxurious, comfortable, and classy office space that would make even the top office designers jealous.
A single desk will set you back $650 per month and they are all gone ahead of today’s big reveal.
For companies that want to secure a spot in The Collective, all hope isn’t lost. There is a waiting list you can sign up for. But if you’re dying to see The Collective in person you can always arrange a personal tour.

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