The Encanto Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico

published in: Travel By Polina Liarostathi, 12 January 2013

published in: Travel By Polina Liarostathi, 12 January 2013
Located on the Bay of Puerto Marqués at Las Brisas beach in the city of Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, The Encanto Hotel is an astonishing high – end creation by Architect Miguel Angel Aragonés and his team. Their original designs, in combination with the architect’s strong urge to keep the visitors alerted and amazed, make this project both stand out and provoke. Miguel Angel Aragonés is a self – taught architect, born in the city of Mexico, who has gained great experience in his field, delivering innovative solutions for over twenty years. He was one of the first participants in the International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale and in 2006 he and his colleague Gustavo Avilés were honored with the ‘Merit Award’ by the International Lighting Design Awards, for their project ”House of Eucaliptos 65”. Despite the fact that he has never participated in any international competitions, his work has been published in countries around the world.
Situated on an area of 13,000 sqm and surrounded by an ecological environment, The Encanto Hotel consists of 44 rooms, 20 of which have their own pool and 24 have their own private terrace. The austere geometry contrasts with the playful lighting, whilst the ample white becomes the ideal background to highlight the amazing Acapulco and Puerto Marqués’ bay views. A number of amenities are provided to anyone who wishes to enjoy additional luxuries, apart from the warming sun and the endless turquoise sea waters. The hotel offers a library, cinema, restaurant, bar, gym and spa. At this point however, it is worth mentioning that The Encanto Hotel concept was based, from the very beginning, on limited resources and cost effective materials, all the while using local sources of labour. As an essential part of the initial idea, hotel guests’ privacy was of paramount importance. Thus, despite the great space areas and ceiling heights, the designers have formed, intimate corners fitting no more than 2 people, which provide warmth and privacy.. Fine finishes and exclusive details make each room the perfect place to cocoon and rest, before enjoying a relaxing walk by the ocean.
sustainability and spirituality were the main goals of The Encanto Hotel concept, while the widespread less is more belief is once again applied in great harmony. As Taller Aragonés Architects highlight, the work of an architect is closely related to that of an artist. It should therefore come as no surprise that architects get carried away by their passions and emotions, ending up creating a piece of art, rather than a mere construction.
”It is very tempting for architects to feel as if we were artists, but we are in fact a hybrid who must be well grounded, taking into account the specific needs of those who will inhabit the spaces we create. And by this, I am referring to their spiritual, physical, and economic needs.”