• Statedesign completed
  • OwnerAMADEUS S.A
  • Size3041.65 m2
  • LocationAthens, Greece

The building is situated at 7 Kifisias Avenue & 2 Neapoleos Str Building in Marousi and it consists of 2 underground stories of garage
and elector mechanical spaces and 4 office space stories with a mezzanine .
Our conceptual design will investigate, not only the representation of the exterior façade but also the interior design of spaces such as foyer,
main staircase, working places, as well as the design of the basement exterior space and the roof garden of the building.

Our intention is to provide an artistic modern approach on the main white marble façade of the building, additionally through our proposal we promote
the design of flexible, diverse, inspiring and integrated interior public spaces, the creation of a ‘genius loci’, a ‘sense of a place’,
that will provide people more than a working space. Simultaneously we achieve to provide ideas in accordance with the eco spirit of today.

The remodeling of the interior may require a generous touch in the interior space. Our intention is to move the new Mechanical figures of the roof to the lower terraces  in order to create a new green public space at the top of the building.
A creation of an atrium in the interior may bring natural light into the heart of existing building .
An artistic installation combined with an eco green falling wall on the side may provide a new aura, in addition, the removal of walls and the creation of different  type of workplaces will also be required.
The necessity for more parking spaces will change the pavement floor .

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.