Emporio Center In Peraia – Thessaloniki

  • Statebuilt
  • Size1200 m2

The new Emporio Center is located in Peraia, at the greater region of Thessaloniki, where all the commercial and financial services of the area are assembled. It is a building which comprises retail stores, offices and apartments. The aim of the project was the creation of a contemporary, dynamic building which would dominate the area with its presence. Moreover, the structure should meet the modern corporate standards that were set by the architects, since the beginning of the design process. Glass surfaces were placed at the storefronts of the building and more economical and sustainable materials were used at the rest of the building volumes in order to balance the energy saving policy of the whole project. Counter to common tactics, relative to the area’s buildings, the architects decided to create a public square by retreating part of the structure and forming an L shape, generating an interesting outdoor space which makes the ground level spaces more accessible. As a result, the retail value of the ground floor properties was increased, by adding space, light and an additional communal character to the building.

emporio center_2.jpg

emporio center_3.jpg
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