M Residence_Family House In Chalkidiki – Thessaloniki

  • Statebuilt
  • Size180 m2

The Mouchtouris residence is located on a wonderful site of about 2500 sq.m in the peninsula of Halkidiki. According to the client’s demands, the building is developed on one level, whereas part of it lies above the ground, allowing natural light to enter the basement. The architectural concept was the creation of simple geometrical forms, following the inner functional organization, thus creating a unified entity. The chosen materials – natural stone and volumes in white color – provide a visual continuity with the environment, due to their local characteristics. Designed to accommodate the needs of a four member family, this 180 sq.m. residence, is organized around an imaginable cross section of movements.


Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.