• Stateunder construction
  • OwnerAgrozoi, S.A.
  • LocationKalloni, Lesvos

The industrial complex is located in Kalloni, a small town in Lesvos island, Greece. The aim in this project was to incorporate the specific requirements of a contemporary company to our design by creating at the same time a functional and welcoming space for those working there everyday.

More specifically OFFICETWENTYFIVEARCHITECTS dealt with the redesign and renovation of the existing building and the proposal of a new warehouse, a small residence and the surrounding space as well. After the addition of an extra floor, the existing building is now developed on two levels. On the upper level one can find the new headquarters of the company, visually connected to the animal feed store of the ground floor, via an atrium.

Regarding to the new warehouse, our intention was to create a functional space which meets the needs of the company. The chemical laboratory, designed with precision, is located on the upper floor while new offices, a kitchen and a resting area are found on the ground floor.

Simple lines and geometry define the residence as well. The house consists of two attached volumes, one coated with local stone and a four sided roof, and the other one colored in white. The first one contains the living areas of the house while the second and smaller one, the bedroom.

Architecture emerges out of careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.